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WH Dance Academy Instructors

The instructors at WH Dance Academy have many years of dance experience. They were chosen by Wanda, not only for their talent, but also because they share her passion for dance. Each instructor has their own style of dancing - let us help you develop your style!



Felix Mateo

Drawn to the creativity and passion he witnessed at a Salsa social event, Felix was determined to learn to dance!


A sufferer of "two-left-feet syndrome," Felix's road to success was difficult, but his resolve and love for the dance helped him endure and make him a patient instructor.


Felix began by taking classes in the Reading and Philadelphia areas. He continues to learn, and earned his Salsa Certification from UV Latin Dance LLC.


Felix's relaxed teaching style makes him a favorite instructor of students of all levels. Let Felix help you take your salsa skills to the next level!

Carlos Nazario

Carlos is a long-time instructor at WH Dance Academy, and he has represented the studio as a performer on a number of teams and at competitions.

Carlos challenges his students to give their all! Join his class and watch your Salsa skills reach a new level!

Luis Flores

Luis' passion for dance is evident in every class he teaches!

Luis started out as one of Wanda's students, then continued his dance education at a number of other local dance studios. His passion for dancing pushed Luis to improve his skills and confidence, leading him to develop a strong foundation in dance and instruction.

Luis' patient, friendly teaching style, combined with his natural musicality, make his classes both fun and challenging. Experience Luis' enthusiasm and ability to help you achieve your personal dance goals!

Sam Sosa
Luis Santiago
Jessica Quiles
Matthew Rivera
Charee Janelle

Charees's classes are an artful blend of movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, breath and awareness.  Each unique class inspires students to bring together mind, body and spirit into the present moment, enhancing well being on and off the mat.

Yoga Alliance educator approved and registered teacher, Charee is a multidisciplinary movement artist, teacher, choreographer, performer, Reiki master teacher, healer, and mother.  She fuses together over 15 years of experience teaching yoga and dance to people of all ages and abilities, along with a wealth of experiences facilitating creative performance events, classes and workshops, retreat and trainings.  Her on-going study of Yoga therapy, somatic practices, Thai massage and Reiki inform her yoga practice and teaching, and she blends these modalities into a creative upbeat class or quiet deep stretch and restore.


With an extensive background in dance and fitness she began practicing yoga to help her healing journey after a back injury in her early twenties. Charee has trained in various styles of yoga such as vinyasa, yin, restorative, aerial yoga, trauma informed (addiction and recovery,) and more.  She provides continuing education and mentorship for young entrepreneurs, yoga teachers and healers. She continues to uplift, empower, and inspire others to find their true self and to live a life of authenticity and passion.  She is humbled to be of service and encourages everyone to love their perfectly imperfect self and to shine their light. She is the owner / founder of ChareeJanelle Yoga & Practices of Wellness and co-founder of One Love Healing Arts.


Charee currently resides in Morgantown, PA and offers dance and yoga therapy, private yoga, and healing sessions, in addition to workshops, NJ retreats, mindful movement for children and more. She enjoys music, nature, reading, dancing, spending time with her loved ones and her dog. Currently offering a wxmens only Reiki training, conscious & connected partner workshops.


Hi! My name is Naziya McMiller.  I've been dancing since the age of 5.  I started off in ballet, jazz, hip-hop and many more classes. I am now 17 years old in cheerleading and dance and still have the same love and drive for it!!



I have been a dancer since I was little!  I have been able to participate in multiple teams here at the studio including Latin Flair, Iroko, Sabor Latinas, The Hip-Hop Team and more. I also have been able to teach other students here at the studio!

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