WH Dance Academy Instructors

The instructors at WH Dance Academy have many years of dance experience. They were chosen by Wanda, not only for their talent, but also because they share her passion for dance. Each instructor has their own style of dancing - let us help you develop your style!



Felix Mateo

Drawn to the creativity and passion he witnessed at a Salsa social event, Felix was determined to learn to dance!


A sufferer of "two-left-feet syndrome," Felix's road to success was difficult, but his resolve and love for the dance helped him endure and make him a patient instructor.


Felix began by taking classes in the Reading and Philadelphia areas. He continues to learn, and earned his Salsa Certification from UV Latin Dance LLC.


Felix's relaxed teaching style makes him a favorite instructor of students of all levels. Let Felix help you take your salsa skills to the next level!

Carlos Nazario

Carlos is a long-time instructor at WH Dance Academy, and he has represented the studio as a performer on a number of teams and at competitions.

Carlos challenges his students to give their all! Join his class and watch your Salsa skills reach a new level!

Luis Flores

Luis' passion for dance is evident in every class he teaches!

Luis started out as one of Wanda's students, then continued his dance education at a number of other local dance studios. His passion for dancing pushed Luis to improve his skills and confidence, leading him to develop a strong foundation in dance and instruction.

Luis' patient, friendly teaching style, combined with his natural musicality, make his classes both fun and challenging. Experience Luis' enthusiasm and ability to help you achieve your personal dance goals!

Marcus Matos

Born and raised in Reading, Marcus has danced for nearly a decade, mastering Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, and Hip-hop styles. Marcus has been a part of WH Dance academy for many years and loves to teach, compete, and perform all over the country with the WH Dance family.


Marcus has been coached from some of the greatest in the Latin dance industry. Dancers like Wanda Holdren, Felix Mateo, Uriel Garcia, Vera Rowe, Darlin Garcia, Alex Morel, and so many more. Marcus has competed in many competitions and has participated in many dance congresses throughout his career, traveling to places like Miami, California, Las Vegas, New York, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and Connecticut specifically for dance. He has made many friends along the way.

Marcus has choreographed and has been a part of more than one hundred Quinceañeras and Sweet 16s. He has worked with many kids and young adults and is a great mentor to all.   Marcus always brings great energy everywhere he goes and always makes sure he is wearing a smile and everyone is having a great time along with him.


Marcus is currently teaching Salsa On2 on Mondays from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Marcus will not only teach you killer moves on the dance floor but will also help you build your self confidence and self esteem. Come take lessons with the fantastic Marcus J. Matos!

Alexis Frutos

Born and raised in Reading, Alexis is a Amateur World Champion in heats categories in Salsa, Bachata, and Cha-cha. Alexis has traveled all over the East Coast to perform and compete in places such as Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. He started dancing at age 15 and has trained in many dance forms including Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Merengue, and even Ballet. He specializes in Salsa and Bachata, which he has been teaching at WH Dance Academy for the last four years.


Alexis has choreographed for and competed with many teams at WH Dance Academy. Currently, Alexis is a Co-Director of Alma Latina Reading along with studio owner Wanda Holdren. He has also choreographed many Quinceñeras, Sweet 16’s, and weddings across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Alexis joined WH Dance Academy in 2014 as a student and has since flourished into the dancer he is today. He has trained with numerous coaches and World Champions from all over the world, including Wanda Holdren, Uriel Garcia, Vera Rowe, Anya Katsevman, Luis Santiago, Eli Torres, Jose Maldonado and many others.

Alexis’s inspiration stems from watching local performances, and professional competitions. His goal is to become the best dancer he can be and show others hard work can pay off. His most recent accomplishments include numerous podium finishes at:  Liberty Dance Championships (2018, 2019), Miami Latin Dance Championships (2017, 2018, 2019), DCBX Championships (2017), Escape to Poconos (2017, 2018, 2019), World Salsa Summit 2020 (2020). Alexis plans to continue his passion of dancing and hopes to encourage others to pursue their love of dance.

Sam Sosa

WH Dance Academy

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