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All About Wanda

Wanda was the cover story for Latino Lifestyles in late 2012.

Shown here with Latin Flair, Wanda continues to share Latino history and culture at numerous community events.

It is a fruitless endeavor to explain how much an artist feels about his or her passion. It starts from within them, and springs forth in a way of beauty. It cannot be helped, they are the art and the art is them. 


Wanda's unquenchable thirst for dance has touched the lives of students and spectators everywhere. While developing a strong national and international reputation as a talented and passionate teacher and performer, Wanda has traveled all over the world teaching and competing in Latin Dance.


Born under a sparkling Puerto Rican sun, Wanda began a humble journey that would lead her, at the age of six, to start her extensive training in Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Rumba, Flamenco, Tango, Cumbia, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Ballet.


Having been trained at the Julie Mayoral Dance Academy and the Victor Dance Studio, Wanda would go on to hold numerous certifications as an instructor in Latin dance.


Wanda has been featured as an instructor and dancer at national events as well as the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, International Dance Challenge, National Dance Showcase, and Olympus Dance Challenge. She has been a successful competitor in dance competitions, bringing home numerous medals in various styles of Latin dance. Dancing has always been a part of Wanda's life.


Having taught classes at the University of Interamericana of Puerto Rico, Temple University, Penn State, Alvernia University, RACC and other prestigious universities and colleges, Wanda's experience is extensive. Some of her students would eventually follow her path to become instructors, dance professionalls, and even travel across the globe to be representatives of their country and their culture.


As the founder and director of Berks Salsa Fest and Latin Flair, Inc., she continues her work of sharing and fostering the culture of her native Puerto Rico to her adoptive home.


Wanda was nominated in 2008 as a World Salsa Instructor, and in 2007-2010 she was named as an Ambassador for Hispanic Choice Award. In those years, she also established a Latin Dance Program for local school districts in an effort to embrace diversity and celebrate cultures. 


A mentor for the Goodwill Keystone Youth Program and the Chapter Schoolshe continues to expand her reputation and drive to create a unified and educated community. Wanda is an expert in fitness instruction and wellness, and this certified Zumba intructor and Personal Trainer participates in the Dance Wellness program presented by Saint Joseph Hospital. 


The Wanda Holdren Dance Academy upholds the high standards that Wanda holds herself up to. She has tremendous faith in herself and in the community that helped support her throughout her journey, to make WH Dance Academy a huge success.     

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